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If you have a vehicle in the family, you are likely to appreciate the many positive winchester-garage-dooraspects that come with using a garage on a daily basis. Here in Winchester VA, garage door & garage isn’t just there for protecting the family vehicles; it is also highly useful for storing a wide range of personal belongings. If you are caught in the unfortunate situation where the garage starts to malfunction on you & you need garage door repair Winchester VA, especially in situations where it isn’t possible to fully closed the door, it will be necessary to get in contact with our Winchester VA garage door repair specialist who will be able to carry out the repair work with very high standards within a relatively short period of time.

Winchester VA garage door repair services

In order to continue to maintain the high standards of a garage door and it workingwinchester-garage-door components it generally benefits your home, if you are able to put in place a regular schedule of maintenance which will involve inspecting the main parts of the garage on an ongoing basis. Here are some in the main components that our garage door repair Winchester VA technicians are likely to inspect in the course of carrying out a tune up service:

  • Inspecting garage door tracks

A common reason for a garage door to fail often relates to damage to the tracks. Our Winchester garage door technicians will give the tracks an in-depth inspection to make sure they have not been pushed out of the alignment and that none of the brackets, screws, or bolts have come loose. If it does become apparent that the tracks have been knocked significantly out of alignment, and it isn’t possible to easily repaire them, our team of technicians will be able to have them effectively replaced.

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  • Making sure our garage door Winchester VA technicians lubricate the working components

A key element to providing ongoing maintenance to the main components of the garage-door-winchestergarage doors relates to lubricating the main metal parts to ensure that they are able to continue to operate smoothly, which will also result in less friction and wear. In addition to lubricating the working parts, our technicians will also go through the motions of cleaning the tracks and rollers to make certain they’re free and clear of dirt or grease build-up. Once these parts are effectively cleaned they will be given a light coating of the lubricant to continue their operation.

  • Our garage door repair Winchester VA team will be mindful of inspecting for loose hardware

In order for the garage door and its components to continue to operating at high standard, it will be necessary to make sure that each component of the garage door is in it’s place and tight. Our technician will therefore make sure to check the nuts and bolts are tight, while also checking other parts such as the mounting plates & brackets winchester-garage-door-repairwhich are required for the springs to attach to. We will make certain that all of the hinges are fully secured and will remove and replace any of those that appear to be failing. Also, our garage door repair Winchester VA team of experts will make certain that all related components to the hinges or similar hardware is in full working order.

  • Being certain the high tension springs are fully operational

One of the key aspects of the garage door system that requires professional attention relates to the high tension springs which are vital for the safe and effective operation of the garage door. There are two main kinds of springs; the extension springs and the torsion springs. Due to the constant use and tension that the springs have to endure, it is vital that this component is inspected in a safe fashion as they do have the potential to cause injury if mishandled. Our team of Winchester va garage door repair experts is fully qualified and experienced to inspect this main garage door parts to establish its overall condition and whether or not repair will need to be scheduled.

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Can You rely on Winchester va garage door specialists to carry out Repairs?

winchester-va-garage-doorIf you have some basic skills or knowledge about the operation of a garage door then you can of course attempt to carry out the minor repairs by yourself, which could relate to cleaning certain components, such as the track and sensors. You might also be able to put in place a regular schedule of lubricating the main working components to make certain they are able to operate as smoothly as possible. If you are able to implement a regular maintenance check (as recommended by our technicians), which might be carried out once a month, this can go a long way to ensuring that all parts of the garage door is operating at a high standard.

Note, if you do detect issues that are likely to be quite serious, you should of course contact our garage door repair Winchester va technicians who will be more than willing to visit your property in order that the issues may be diagnosed and repaired.

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Garage Door Repair Winchester VA

Jun 23, 2015 by Shawn Oputa

Great service and cheap price. I will recommend them to my family and friends.

Winchester Garage Door

Jun 16, 2015 by Richard Williams

Winchester garage door company not only are experts in residential garage door, but they did an awesome job with my commercial garage door. I will definitely recommend them to my buddies..

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